chocolate kill Mice wax block 5 kg

5 kg block wax model

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 Wax block rat zarbeh (WAX BLOCK ZARBEH)

Made by Semiran Company, it contains 0.005% of BRODIFACOUM active ingredient for use in wet places. Bradifacum is an anticoagulant from the anticoagulant group, which is a variety of agricultural, storage and domestic mice and Varamin, Moghan, domestic species. Controls brown, black, immigrant, etc. in residential areas, restaurants, shops, food warehouses, hospitals, factories, poultry farms, livestock farms, farms, orchards, etc.

Rodents are killed by eating prey due to internal bleeding. The wax block blocker contains Bitterx, which keeps children, non-target animals and humans away from prey due to its high bitterness. It is better to check the ready-to-eat prey every few days and if it is used, complete or replace them. It is recommended to bait in the bait box

(Balt Statlon) to be done. Consumption can be changed according to the amount of pollution. The degree of toxicity of this compound is 0.4 mg / kg.

Instructions for use of impact block wax raticide:

For Varamin mice at the rate of 20 to 30 grams per active nest and for Moghan mice at the rate of 30 grams per active nest at least twice a year, one in late winter and early spring and the other in late summer and early autumn, it is necessary to use a shock killer. .

For Tatra or gerbils, 40 to 50 grams per active nest should be done at least twice a year, one from late winter to late spring and in autumn after harvest in wheat and barley grains.

:Environmental considerations

After consuming the bait, the remains of the prey and the bodies of rodents should be collected and burned and they should not be placed in the garbage.


Be sure to use gloves when baiting and avoid any hand contact with the bait *

Keep out of reach of children and pets in a dry, locked place *

Avoid eating, drinking and smoking when baiting *

Wash your hand with soap and water after placing the wax block ratchet *

Baiting should not be done in places where there is a possibility of water and food contamination *

:Symptoms of poisoning and antidote WAX ​​BLOCK ZARBEH

If the rat is hit due to carelessness, take the injured person to a doctor. Symptoms of poisoning are nausea and swelling of the nose and internal organs.

The antidote to the WAX ​​BLOCK ZARBEH missile is vitamin K1 (under a doctor’s supervision).


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