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Control 2 insecticide powder containing 1.2% cypermethrin is used for spraying surfaces in residential and commercial places, hospitals, sheds and public warehouses and food.
This powder is used to fight against all kinds of house insects such as beetles, ants, fleas, bedbugs, scorpions, ticks, lice and other house insects in the form of powder spray. It is suitable for fighting all kinds of house and storage insects, especially beetles and ants. Control powder 2 also affects pests such as millipedes, bedbugs, scorpions, and snails.
Amount and method of consumption:

Control 2 powder along walls, around water and sewage pipes, inside canals and in factories, workshops and warehouses under furniture and appliances, machines and cartons, ‌ wooden boxes, under stored food and clothing bags, Pour under carpets and furniture, into holes and crevices, and under pallets before stacking them in storage and generally in all places where insects hide, rest and reproduce, and if necessary, spray. Repeat.

Kills a variety of household insects such as beetles, ants, fleas, bedbugs and crickets

Sprinkle gently in the path of crawling insects. Insects are killed after passing through and contact with the powder.

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