emulsion 20% 250 cc RRS

effective material : Cypermethrin, Primifus methyl, Chlorpyrifos, Essential oil, Solvent
Indications : Offices, residential houses, hospitals, warehouses, livestock, poultry farms

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Active ingredient: Cypermethrin, essential oil and solvent

Necessary precautions:

Keep out of reach of children.

Avoid eating poison, food contamination, humans and animals, contact of the poison with skin, eyes and clothes, inhalation of poison particles, eating and drinking while spraying. Use work clothes, hats, goggles and masks, plastic and impenetrable boots and gloves, and wash clothes and body after spraying.

Strictly avoid smoking during spraying.


Offices, residential houses, hospitals, warehouses and livestock and poultry farms

Indications Indications Spraying surfaces
Types of insects 100 cc in 5 liters of water 100 square meters
Inside the sewer 250 cc in 10 liters of water

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