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kill Mice Plate is a very powerful, anticoagulant rodent that works best to kill a variety of mice, including blind mice and house mice. Daily feeding of mice even with less than 2 mg of active substance is enough to kill the mice after one week. Mice perish on prey without worrying about poisoning and feed on it willingly. The great advantage of this raticide is that the death of mice due to pellet death is not fast and like death due to aging, it gradually appears in animals and as a result all mice change blood sedimentation rate (ESR) and internal bleeding.

(Internal bleeding) are lost.

:How to use

The bait of the perishing pellet should be placed in a place protected from rain and without contact with the hands of mice;
For house mice, 20 grams of prey per place is enough; But in the case of mice, 100 grams is required;
It is better to put the bait inside the box, cap and plastic, metal pipes, etc .;
The distances between the prey should not be more than 5 meters and in case of multiplication of mice, these distances should be reduced to 1 or 2 meters.


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