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Ready-to-use wax insecticide is the most effective anticoagulant of the first generation and contains 0.025% of the active substance warfarin, which is used to fight various types of rodents in urban and rural areas.
Mice die over a period of one to two weeks after consuming the wax. Feeding on this prey is attractive to mice and is very suitable for use in and around the building, atmospheres, open areas, green spaces, water and sewage canals and completely humid and rainy environments. Poultry, dogs, cats and other non-target animals are not interested in eating this prey.

The distinctive feature and difference between the wax killer rats and other rat killers is the waterproofness of this product.

:consumption instruction
Use gloves to remove prey;
Spread the blocks at a distance of 3 to 5 meters and on a large surface and in suitable places;
Avoid placing too much bait in one place;
If you need to re-bait, repeat it 7 to 14 days later.


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